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Hello, here's how I'd love to work with you ~

I specialize in planning, producing and facilitating Open Space Technology (OST) meetings for Organizations, Agencies, Educational Institutions, Retreats, Strategic Planning  and Open Events such as unConferences. In Person & Live Online in QiqoChat.

My Guiding Principle
for Open Space events is
'It's not about us without us.'

Open Space Tech is a self-organizing, interactive, participant driven dialogue processes that is inclusive and serves to develop capacity for sustainable relationships (team building), creative collaboration, solution discovery and getting things done!

I enjoy working with others co-developing events, training courses and tools (process design) for decision making, self-exploration, expanding self and collective awareness.

"Allowing groups to self-organize, set their own agendas, and decide without central guidance or planning requires being vulnerable and trusting. But the results are worth the risk."  Phil Windley \ Co-Founder Internet Identity Workshop @idworkshop

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