A Butterfly Conversation

A Chance Chosen Meeting

This Blog page on my website has been sitting ready, waiting for me to take the first step into the circle of writing about the work I do through reflecting on how it shows up in my everyday life ~ Living in Open Space. The name and structure and intention for this page was set up months ago in a flurry of inspiration, at the beginning of an ending (a significant, necessary, personal transition) only to be set aside as the blues inevitably came to call. Part of the cycle of living and integrating life’s circuitous path.

Then spring arrived in the Land of Enchantment with her apricot blossoms, snow flurries, fragrant lilacs, and wind ~ ~ ~ ~ stirring me forward beyond the liminal space I’d been inhabiting for much longer than I’d realized. I value and count on the power of Mother Nature to move me out of stuck places, what is required is that I simply pay attention to what is right in front of me.

The insistent high desert spring winds also blew (what we call in Open Space) a 'butterfly conversation' my way. It took place in the lobby of the La Fonda Hotel, arranged, not ahead of time through a pre-set agenda, but rather, spontaneously through a minimal exchange of tweets.

What ensued, accompanied by a tequila and a beer (respectively), was a rich, wide-ranging conversation between two people who had previously never met or communicated directly. Though we had distinctly different life passions and paths, we listened with interest to one another as we each shared bits and pieces of our stories, intersections around shared perspectives of life, the planet and how we wanted to live, were revealed.

An unplanned and spontaneous pause for a deep breath in the flow of life. This engaging encounter, also provided a view, through example, of some specific next steps to take to bring the work that I am passionate about out into a broader sphere, through raising my profile (as they call it) via social media, an avenue I have heretofore only used randomly. I received the precise nudge required, along with the seasonal gusts, to propel me through the threshold I’d set up camp in. A movement out, towards a new, yet to be chosen path.

I recently came across this post card, sent by my Great Grandmother (who lived on a ranch in Wyoming at that time) to my father Donald when he was 7. He would move here 32+ years later with his Swiss wife Maja and daughter Heidi, just about the age he was when he got this postcard.


She writes, “We’ve had a lovely time, so much to see… it’s like being in another country, everything is old…”

84 years later and I think that Santa Fe still feels as if you are in another country, not the US. But that’s another post.

My notes from this Butterfly Session:

  • Having a conversation with someone who is passionate about their work, knows and lives their ‘raison d'être’ is inspiring in and of itself! Bring all of who I have become, all of who I am, to everything I do, including my work.

  • Hone my focus and the express it consistently and thoughtfully (via social media) as I begin raising my profile.

  • Social Media is only broadcasting, if you aren’t also social :-)

  • You can be human, show some of who you are as a person, and still retain personal privacy, if you are thoughtful and intentional in your presentation and what you share.

  • Trust my intuition, take a chance, meet someone new, be human, show up, stretch, have a conversation.


Wherever it happens is the right place

Whatever happens is the only thing that could have

Whenever it starts is the right time

Be prepared to be surprised!

The Butterfly

A result of exercising the Law of Motion and Reponsibility

In an Open Space Event

Butterflies who have landed for a moment, offer a still point, providing an opportunity to pause ourselves, take a breath and be in the moment. Sometimes the best, most inspiring and useful conversation you have at an Open Space unConference or Meeting is a Butterfly Conversation. A session that is not posted on the agenda wall, but waiting to happen, with someone who has landed briefly on your path.

All Photo's are from my Instagram feed ~ @heidinobantusaul

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