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I Facilitate small to large group meetings, retreats, conferences and unConferences, using the interactive participant driven method  Open Space Technology.

Capture the Power of Self-Organization
Open Space Technology

Open Space Technology (OST) is an interactive, participant driven process where participants set the agenda, meet in concurrent and overlapping discussions around a theme or an issue, across department,  hierarchical or historically opposite lines.

The cross-pollination created by moving from group to group and topic to topic in a nonlinear way, allows participants to shift quickly from familiar ways of thinking into innovation and action, going where they feel they are learning and contributing and moving to another group when they are not.

Open Space is a simple, powerful way to catalyze effective working conversations through a powerful group process that supports positive transformation in organizations, increases productivity, inspires creative solutions, improves communication and enhances collaboration.

All About Open Space


An unConference can quickly access collective intelligence and passion while building a field of relationships that will put ideas to work!

Through inviting all the stakeholders or interested parties, asking key questions, and facilitating the creation of a final agenda on-site and in real time, you create the space for something new to happen. No predetermined agenda of talking heads on stage can do it justice.

A View of an unConference

Video of #IIW 

Not all unConference's are Created Equal

If what you need is:

  • Innovation

  • new & different outcomes

  • plenty of time for networking

  • to build community

  • creativity & action

  • a space that innovates emergent & divergent thinking

  • less time planning

  • more fun..

Try an Open Space Conference

~ an unConference ~

to Engage Your Most Pressing Issues

I Also...

Design & Co-design the process, content, and collateral tools (guide-books, interactive exercises, experience guides...) for decision making, programs, courses and self-learning experiences ~ for in person events or for use on-line.  

The Entrepreneurs Guide to Enlightenment

Miraval Resort & Spa

Whole System ID & Design Project

Living Breathing Framework

New Employee

Learning Journey Map

18 Week On-Line Couse

Module One/Week 1

A Five Day Retreat

Experience Integration Guide

Process Design Example
Program Design Example

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